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Shrimp (shrimp) hot sauce → نجوم سورية
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Shrimp (shrimp) hot sauce

Shrimp hot sauce
4 m of M.k
2 M.k Ketchup
Tablespoon soy sauce
2 M.s starch
Teaspoon honey
Half teaspoon crushed red chili
Half a small spoon grated fresh ginger or dry
Large spoon or vegetable oil olive oil
4 cloves garlic Mvromen or soft Medkoukan
A quarter cup of chopped green onion
Two cups of boiled shrimp without guilt for a few minutes and Nashvin Qlpm spoon or oil on a hot flame until the change of their color only Aturkehm aside

In a deep bowl mix the water, ketchup, soy sauce, starch, honey, ginger and hot sauce or hot red pepper Akhltehm well and then Aturkehm aside.
Add a tablespoon of oil in skillet and my heart onion and garlic for a minute, then add the shrimp and toss with oil, onion, garlic, then add the mixture sauce teams and my heart a little to boil the mixture and Estacktv little Asilihzaan fire so the fact that shrimp ready his feet with white rice Muffil and Fancy Barsha of sesame and green onions by desire and Sahtin and wellness

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